Bulkheads & Seawalls

Borel Docks can install all types of bulkheads, including commercial installations and waterfront home sites. A Bulkhead is a major improvement to your property, and it’s something that requires good planning. You will be adding a structure that will be protecting your land and improving access from your property via piers to docks and boat lifts for decades to come, so it’s important to get it done right.

One of the primary considerations is the material used to construct the bulkhead/seawall. There are several to choose from, but we feel that a vinyl seawall is by far the best option. Vinyl Bulkheads consist of attractive, interlocking panels made of long lasting, heavy duty, exterior grade vinyl available in a variety of colors. Engineered vinyl sheet piling is more attractive; lighter weight, easier to install and more durable than stone, concrete, metal or wood. It will not rot, rust, corrode, crack or peel.

The most common material used in construction of bulkhead is CCA. CCA is Pressure Treated lumber or Pilings that has been pressure-impregnated with a preservative which makes the wood resistant to attack by marine borers and the fungi that cause decay. CCA has been used for decades as a means to prevent the decay of wood caused by organisms, but as homeowners and marina operators become more environmentally aware, chemically treated wood has become an increasingly less popular choice when choosing a material to be used in Seawall and Bulkhead construction.

When disturbance to your landscaping or the presence of swimming pools, and other structures need to be avoided, Borel Docks has the specialized machinery to install Chance Helical Anchor Systems as an alternative to battered piles and buried deadmen for securing bulkheads. Our team has the knowledge and machinery to construct a wide selection of secure, long-lasting and reliable bulkheads to protect your commercial or residential property. You can expect superior craftsmanship, state-of-the-art materials and innovative technology for your waterfront property.

Our service area for new bulkhead construction or bulkhead replacement runs throughout Barnegat Bay including; Lanoka harbor, Laurel Harbor, Forked River, Lacey, Sunrise Beach, Bayville, Manahawkin, Waretown, Ocean Gate, Island Heights, Pine Beach & Barnegat Township.

Waterfront property owners and marina operators have turned to Borel Docks for our vast experience building bulkheads and the attention to detail that we put into every project that we undertake. We highly recommend that you see the work of any marine contractor you consider for your project, and ask around. check out what some of our customers are saying. Contact us today (609) 693-7887 for a FREE Quote on your next project!