Roller Coaster Removal; The Shore’s Comeback

Beach towns all around the shore have been working vigorously to rebuild, recover, restore, and reopen for the summer season after suffering severe devastation from Hurricane Sandy. While the majority of New Jersey locals reflect on the destruction as a result of “Superstorm Sandy” way back in October , the visualization of Seaside Heights’ “JetStar” roller coaster standing tall out there in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean , normally comes to […]

Hurricane Sandy vs The Jersey Shore

Mother Nature always wins, after the Jersey Shore went round and round with Hurricane sandy and took a beating. Today there are signs that the recovery is moving along ahead of schedule; the boardwalk in Seaside is back open with the tourists and locals flocking to have a good time. The upbeat, pep-rally-like speeches are […]

What Material Should I Use On My Bulkhead?

Bulkheads, also known as Seawalls, separate and protects our New Jersey waterfront property from erosion and provides you with a safe place to access the water via piers and docks . We are frequently asked the question “what material should I use to build my new bulkhead?” There are many different materials that Bulkheads and Seawalls are made of, the […]