Marine Construction

Waterfront property owners and marina operators have turned to Borel Docks for our vast experience in marine construction and the unmatched craftsmanship that we put into every project.

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Piling Installation & Extraction

Borel Docks can advise, design, install, or extract all types of piling for the construction of boathouses, docks piers and marinas

Boat & PWC Lifts

Borel Docks is the exclusive distributor in NJ for Golden Boat Lifts. With a Golden Boat Lift Your boat or PWC is protected from weather and marine growth.

Docks & Decks

We build top quality Docks and Decks with the attention to details that many others have abandoned.

Delivering excellence

Borel Docks has managed to build a reputation as a contractor that goes above and beyond to make your job perfect. Working with engineers and designers, Borel Docks utilizes the most technologically advanced materials and state of the art equipment to deliver the highest standards in all if their projects. 

Borel Docks residential marine services include; bulkhead replacement, docks and piers, boatlifts, pile driving, house foundations, deck building, dredging, helical piers and barge service. 

Commercial Marine Services include; marinas, travel lifts, dredging, rip rap, piling options, stationary & floating docks, waterfront development, barge service and boat lifts.